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Call Center Jobs - Top 10 Call Center Job Opportunities

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Call center jobs vary from one industry to another and they require different skill sets but there are various communalities shared by the jobs regardless of the company specifics

The level of pay can vary from $12.00 - $15.00 an hour depending on the geographical location of the job and the candidate's experience. Some variations of call center jobs are contact center jobs, inbound call center jobs, outbound call center jobs, and blended call center jobs.

To be eligible for a call center position, candidates must have a typing speed of 40wpm, good telephone demeanor, above average written communication skills, excellent analytical skills, and willingness to sell products depending on the jobs specifics. Since they are expected to enjoy helping people, they must be tactful and have a good memory, as they have to recall product details and policies and procedures as part of their job. Call center employees must pass a criminal background check and drug test to promote a drug free environment. A college degree and work experience is considered a plus and good negotiating skills as well as a pleasant but firm and positive attitude are crucial, especially if you are working in collections. Time management skills are essential as well as resilience, high energy, and the ability to multitask as the work is incredibly fast-paced. Candidates are expected to be able to use the computer while dealing with customers on the phone.

Virtual call center jobs are on the rise as homeshoring employers paved the way for work from home careers for home moms and dads, people with unique medical needs or disabilities as well as military spouses. If you are aspiring to work in a call center, here are the top 10 call center jobs for you:
  • Call center specialist - provides customer satisfaction and strives to continuously improve the service so their duties are customer-centered, service-focused and communication-driven. They are expected to be knowledgeable and experienced in handling customer responses, have the capacity to understand and interpret claims systems, client and provider contracts, follow appropriate guidelines, document all inquiries, ensure that accurate records and database are maintained, as well as be able to resolve client requests.
  • Call center Technical support representative - are also known as computer support specialist and their duty is to help a computer users in troubleshooting their computer issues with installation, printing, operating systems, word processing, and email and provide technical support for clients over the phone, in person, online or face to face.
  • Call center supervisor - makes sure that incoming calls are answered in a timely manner and customers receive the assistance they need and intercede on complex issues and resolve them quickly. They are also in-charge of screening, hiring, monitoring and terminating call center agents, leading by example demonstrating superb customer service skills, leading and motivating staff, and must be fair and objective in evaluating employees' performances. They generally have limited advancement options and they earn a median annual salary of $45,000.
  • Call center quality assurance associate - monitors and grades representatives based on a strict set of guidelines and procedures, and provides specific feedback and coaching. Calls are randomly selected and evaluated after which a representative is scheduled for coaching where they will be listening to a live call to determine where he/she excelled and were more work is needed to improve his/her ability to assist customers.
  • Call center quality assurance supervisor - prepares and plans work schedules, as well as assigns tasks and activities to the customer service representatives. They also train new employees to ensure that they reach the quality of performance expected of them.
  • Call center training specialist - these individuals possess strong written and verbal communication skills because they teach employees to become customer service representatives by giving them instructions on important aspects about handling phone calls, customer's inquiries, and operating office equipment. They also teach the ins and outs of selling the company's products by following a uniform script.
  • Call center training team manager - develops the curriculum used to train new customer service representatives. Previous customer service experience is necessary.
  • Call center manager - makes sure that the company's day to day operations meet with the standard required to increase the profitability of the business. They are required to have good communication skills to be able to communicate with customers and employees.
  • Call center operations manager - is responsible for the day to day operation of the call center and makes sure that effective methods of business operation are observed by the team. They must have good communication and leadership skills, and be able to know how to handle complex problems effectively.
  • Call center training team manager - call center team managers handle telephone and email complaints from customers about the company's products and services. They also teach new hires about the software programs and necessary processes for the success of the team's goal. They hire, train, coach and evaluate customer service representatives and communicate with them effectively. They earn an annual average salary of $53,000.
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